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[dir] A. Authorizations 4.6 MB 2012-May-30
[dir] B. Applications 33.0 MB 2014-Jul-10
[dir] C. Citizens' Agreements 0.0  B 2007-Oct-09
[dir] D. Contour Maps 5.2 MB 2012-May-30
[dir] E. Ownership Reports 50.2 MB 2013-Dec-20
[dir] F. Political Records 175.4 MB 2015-Oct-09
[dir] G. EEO Filings 26.3 MB 2015-Jul-13
[dir] H. -The Public And Broadcasting- 26.7 MB 2012-May-30
[dir] I. Public Comments 39.2 MB 2016-Jan-11
[dir] J. FCC Investigations-Complaints 0.0  B 2007-Oct-09
[dir] K. Quarterly Issues Reports 699.0 MB 2016-Jan-11
[dir] L. TV - Commerical Limits 0.0  B 2007-Oct-09
[dir] M. TV - Children's Programming Reports 0.0  B 2007-Oct-09
[dir] N. TV - Must-Carry-Retransmission Consent 0.0  B 2007-Oct-09
[dir] O. Local Public Notice Announcements 24.2 MB 2012-Sep-20
[dir] P. Time Brokerage Agreements 0.0  B 2007-Oct-09
[dir] Q. Joint Sales Agreements 0.0  B 2007-Oct-09
[dir] R. Items To Be Made Available at FCC Request 35.1 MB 2013-Jun-24
[dir] S. Registrations 12.1 MB 2011-Aug-02
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